About me | Über mich

Dennis KirsteinMy name is Dennis Kirstein. I was born in Stuttgart / Germany where I´m still living. I´m an amateur photographer and astronom. All photos you can see on this web page are not for commercial use. I love to take photos
of landscapes at night (so called Astroscapes), from the sunrise and the sunset. I also love to take photos from old castles or ruins here in South Germany. Another part of my hobby is the astrophotography, especially to photograph the planets of our solar system with my Celestron C9.25 telescope. I also like to play with light and fire. The lightpainting photography is really fascinating and I hope you like the photos of it too.

I was born in 1980 and earn my money as a specialist for Microsoft products and IT infrastructure of all kinds. The photography is only a hobby and I spend a lot of time for searching new locations and ideas. I use a Sony A7 Mark II system camera with different lenses. It´s a great cam and I don´t want to miss it anymore.

If you like my photos here on the web page, please write me a comment or share my web page with your friends.

Let´s take care of our beautiful world,





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